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Since 2004 Haozhi Abrasives Have Been Trusted in the World's most Demanding Factories.

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Many emerging technologies rely on advanced photonics, electronics and nanotechnology to operate effectively. In these high-tech applications,  the technology - and the competition - never stops evolving. With so much at stake, today’s factory engineers count on the performance, innovation and value of premium lapping & polishing abrasives from Hunan Haozhi Technology Co.


Foxconn, Corning, Hoya, Samsung, Canon, Minolta and TDK are a few of the leading firms that count on
Hunan Haozhi 
abrasives to power the grinding and polishing operations in their plants.  


Contact Us   to discuss your next project. See why switching to Hunan Haozhi can minimize space requirements and reduce procurement spend by 30 to 40% compared to competing abrasive products, adding tens of thousands of dollars annually to your bottom line. 


CeO2 & Rare Earth Polishing Powders

Rare Earth, Silica & Al  Polishing Slurries 

Boron Carbide, Diamond Grinding Fluids 

Crystalline Silver Nano Wires

Cerium oxide, rare-earth and non-rare earth polishing powders remove material by mechanical abrasion, plastic flow and chemical interaction, making them uniquely effective at material removal when low surface roughness and ultra-clean surfaces are an imperative. Optimum fire temperature and particle shape,  narrow size distribution and additives to enhance material removal rate mean these formulations provide maximum cutting power, resistance to particle breakdown and high fluidity. In use for over a decade at leading factories around the globe. 

Hunan Haozhi slurries are the preferred choice when the task involves corrosion and roughness removal. Compared to competing products, the polished surface will not exhibit surface or subsurface damage, roll off or edge collapse. Use these slurries for trusted value and performance on precision optical components, ophthalmic, small and large flat prisms and reflectors, architectural & automotive glass, photo-masks, sapphire, silicon, crystals & aluminum. An extensive list of standard formulations offers a slurry for almost any application. Modifications available.

Diamond (mono crystalline and poly-crystalline) and boron carbide comprise the most thermally stable and hardest abrasive materials. Diamond's high thermal conductivity will pull heat energy away from the work zone into the high speed coolant, while boron carbide grit offers exceptional hardness & durability. Both are suitable for shaping, grinding and thinning of hard materials such as sapphire, ceramics and stainless steel. See our data pages for applications information and downloads. Custom formulations are available.


Crystalline silver nanowire, with length to diameter ratios exceeding 1000:1. When coated on plastic substrate (typically PET), the crystalline nano wires overlap, producing  transparent and highly conductive films, suitable for applications from flexible display glass, solar cells and touch screens to smart privacy glass.  Adhesive and ink formulations are used in a variety of electronics applications including flexible membrane switches and smart glass.

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Hunan Haozhi has been recognized for invention, innovation and excellence by the Chinese Government and the Rare Earth Polishing Industry Association. Take a look at some of the companies we serve (logos at right) and industry accolades: 

• 17 Invention patents granted

• 22 Utility patents  granted

• 1st Council Member (multiple years): Association of China Rare Earth Industry

• Invited to assist with revisions of the China Rare Earth Polishing Industry Standard


If you do not find what you are looking for, talk to us about a modification or custom formulation. 



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